Friday, May 4, 2012

Ugandian Gay Activist on the Limits of Law

Ugandan gay activist Frank Mugisha discussed the attempts by American fundamentalists to promote extremist legislation in Uganda directed at gay people. Their original legislation actually called for the execution of gay people found guilty of "repeated" homosexuality. This extremist legislation is proposed by fundamentalist Scott Lively, who also claims that homosexuals were responsible for the Nazi Party and the Holocaust, and rewrote history to try and prove it—mainly through misquotes, out of context claims, and attributing homosexuality to people without evidence.

Mugisha, who was speaking at Georgetown University, stated a basic principle that libertarians would agree with: "If I'm doing something that's not hurting someone, then it is my right to do it. If I'm doing something that that is hurting someone, then maybe that's when we need to draw the line and bring the rule of law. My sexual orientation does not hurt anyone."

In a related event Libertarian presumed candidate Gov. Gary Johnson was invited to speak at at Tea Party event in Boston, Massachusetts. Tea Party officials made sure to invite Rick Santorum and Scott Lively as featured speakers as well—Lively has no public history of being involved with tax issues or economics, his ONLY  campaign has been an obsessive hatred for gay people.

Johnson did the honorable thing by withdrawing from the event. His office wrote: "With all due respect to the organizers and their right  to invite whomever they wish, he has decided that participating would not be consistent with his strong support for marriage equality and gay rights."

Sadly, libertarian activist Carla Howell, did not make the same decision. While she is not a bigot, she did appear on stage on them foolishly mixing her own reputation with theirs.

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