Saturday, April 21, 2012

City Limits: a libertarian comedy

City Limits is a publicist’s nightmare: a comedy that makes you cry and a drama that makes you laugh. It has mystery, philosophy, politics, and religion wrapped up in camp humor. It’s a touch of everything, but it works.

Nothing is what appears to be, at least not when it comes to San Francisco. That is the first lesson that two young men, fresh out of a Kansas high school, learn when they arrive in the City by the Bay. Soon after arriving, Tony and Brian are faking reality with the best of them when they find it advantageous to pretend they are a couple.

However, there are always consequences to faking reality. Their charade puts the boys in hot water, endangering happiness of one of them, while leading the other to new levels of self-discovery. Along the way they encounter mobsters, drag queens, “exgays” and Ayn Rand. Finally, everything comes to a head when the Billie Ray Lee Evangelistic Crusade and Healing Caravan comes to town.

Absurd? You’d think so. But some of the strangest parts of this hilarious novel are based on real events. In San Francisco anything is possible. City Limits is hilarious tribute to the City by the Bay and the unique characters who make living there an unforgettable experience. Paperback, 223 pages. Save on the Amazon price by ordering here.

"I found it a delightful read and I highly recommended it." J. Tiritilli, San Francisco.

"This is a beautifully crafted story. It took me into a world I knew nothing about and then whipped me around on an extremely fun ride. I was left with an overwhelming sense of well-being and a renewed appreciation for the diversity of mankind. I read this in a single sitting on the front porch on a sunny fall day roughly a year ago. I laughed out loud, I read for pages on end with my mouth literally agape, and on more than one occasion I sobbed like a baby. When done, I sat quietly in bliss watching the wind in the trees with a huge grin on my face. It was as if the entire world were giving me a big warm hug." Frank, New Jersey.

"The author has a David Sedaris-like touch with humor, but it's not just a comedy. In a way it's a triple love story—there's a romance, there's the love story that is San Francisco—and for anyone who has ever lived in that city, it was like reading a tribute to a dear friend, and there's the love story of friendship. As the story unfolded, I don't know what I did more, laugh or cry. The characters are wonderful—I loved the smothering mother, Eunice, the marvelous Stella Delish, the limo driver, lovely Lizbeth, and both the young boys. I loved the crazy string of adventures that resulted from a well-meaning lie, and especially the surprise ending." E. Young, Vermont

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